As from Dec, 1st General Export has been nominated agent for the most important Korean consolidator: MOLAX Ltd. The agreement has been reached on totally exclusive basis and has been planned through a deep analysis of the General Managers on both sides about the future development plans on the route to/from Korea.

Merging both companies’ buying power has been essential to enable to negotiate better conditions with the Carriers to limit the inconvenients arousing from the actual situation where slots are not always available on vessels and blank sailings create service disruptions. It is both Genex and Molax policy, however, to inform customers about delays/shortshipments caused by critical problems for Covid and the connected slowdown of productivity cicles.

Molax is one of the most reliable Korean consolidators with headquarters in Seoul and offices in Busan, too. Their yard is 65.000 square meters and the indoor warehouse, where cargo is loaded and devanned for the consolidated containers, is 55.000 square meters. For the inland haulage from/to port terminals Molax uses one of the companies of the group, with the result of being more competitive both on timings and costs. They have 200 people staff who are well experienced and professional, giving high level standards of service to customers. MOLAX grounds personnel’s formation aiming at an ethic politics not only for customers but also for suppliers and competitors.

Therefore Genex reinforces its presence in Asia with another important step, after having gained the exclusive cooperation with CCF, China Coast freight, since Nov, 1st 2020.