Turn Over

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Turn Over, something we don’t know!
During its 38 years of trading, Genex staff, apart from some exceptions, has remained
loyally committed to our flag. Our gratitude goes to all the staff, however we want to remember the seniors:
Carlo, 35 years with Genex
Chiara, 20 years with Genex
Ildi, 18 years with Genex
Elisa, 18 yeasr with Genex
Carolina, 18 years with Genex
Irene Baroni, 18 years with Genex
Annamaria, 18 years with Genex

To our faithful seniors, on Dec, 24th 2018 during a nice informal meeting we will give a silver brooch with Genex flag. Let’s carry on with the same service standards and impeccable know-how!