Trans African Tour 1964 – 2014


Genex and Ila have been at the forefront for the last 20 years, and we couldn’t stand back in front of the proposal of uniting the two countries thanks to an expeditions, which was a celebration of the most breathtaking events of one of the better known travellers from last century, Nino Cirani, who, from the 60s to the 70s has toured half the world in occasion of 6 official expeditions, mainly by Land Rover (a couple of them are “from Alaska to the Land of Fire” and “Milan-Singapore”).

The Trans-African Tour 1964-2014 will follow the tracks left by Nino’s Land Rover in 1964, when he departed Cape Town on board of Aziza 2nd (Aziza, the name he gave to all his cars, in Tuareg language means “nice”) heading to El Cairo, from there to Casablanca, and eventually Milan after 53 thousand km covered in approximately 8 months. There will be 8 team members, on 3 Land Rovers (one of them will be from 1979, Aziza 7th, with the same livery as Nino’s Aziza) and they will officially leave from Genoa to Cape Town in January, going via El Cairo, and then over to Angola, Namibia and Botswana. Italy and South Africa, Genex and Ila, united by a team and three Land Rovers, separated by a vast territory as Africa, and a 40 thousand km long path.