Our efforts aim to offer the most efficient tools to freight forwarders.

General Export was established 1980, and after 35 years of non-stop business still retains the same name, company setup and business goals.
General Export is a company leading the Italian Nvocc field, appreciated for the reliability of its services.


GE has chosen Starship, undisputed leader for the Australian route for over 14 years. Direct services to Sydney, Melbourne, Fremantle and Brisbane.

Our choice has been made to consolidate our longterm established service, thus leading to an exclusive partnership with Primary Freight, NVO operator with offices in the most important ports of the States.

Far East
The merging and buy out of big multinationals working in the NVOCC field brought Genex to make specific choices to appoint the best agent for every destination called, not falling in the trap of operating with one global network, that could have meant having to put up with local problems and weaknesses.

Direct services to 25 key destinations and more than 400 cities on a weekly service.
Exclusive agents worldwide.


Livorno via Salvatore Orlando, 16a
57123 Livorno
phone 0586 836011
fax 0586 884331

Milano Via Marochetti, 19
20139 Milano
phone 02 56816357
fax 02 57303747

Our strenghts
One country - One agent
Genex pursues a policy of exclusive relationship with the various agents representing us worldwide.
Seal to Seal
Our strategy aims to increasing and developing direct services. we are in fact ranked among the first italian consolidators for direct services.
Long hours GENEX
Genex offices are open with no break 10 hours a day mondays to fridays. This allows us to give a better service to italian coloaders.
Leading with attitude
General Export is a company leading the Italian Nvocc field, and can boast a condition of consolidator.